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What do Chloe Sims, Lady Victoria Hervey, Hayley Hasselhoff, Abz Love, Jamie O’Hara and Kyle Christie all have in common? They’re hot, they’re single and they’ve spent the entire summer pretending to be in a relationship. But why? All in the name of a brand new show on ITV2, Celebrity Showmance. 
In this comedy game show, narrated by UK comedian, actor and rapper Doc Brown, six single celebrities have been paired into three very unlikely ‘couples’ and set ridiculous challenges to attract maximum social media attention. Can they persuade their friends, family and fans that it’s real? More importantly, can they generate the most likes and comments on social media to win the Celebrity Showmance crown and trophy? Unlike any other TV game show, in Celebrity Showmance the public become unwitting judges, as each couples’ chance of winning hinges on the amount of buzz they generate across social media. 
In each episode our three new celebrity ‘couples' go to hilarious lengths to promote their Showmance. For each challenge, they must act out scenarios based on the stereotypical phases of famous celebrity relationships that we see splashed across social media. From “We’re not Dating… Honest!” to “The Honeymoon Phase”, then the cracks begin to show and finally, the ultimate explosive “Break Up”; the couples have complete creative control over their own personal melodramas, which must be played out in the most public settings imaginable. 
Every Wednesday on ITV2 at 9pm.
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