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Floogals... Discovering what it is to be hooman…
Currently the highest rated show on NBC Sprout this ground breaking children’s animated series is being revoiced for the UK.
The 52 episode series is on Channel 5 at 9am from Monday to Friday.  Shot in a real house with photo-real-CGI aliens the series follows a trio of intrepid four-inch tall alien space explorers whose first experiences of the detail of everyday life in a suburban family home trigger a vast world of comic adventures.
Fleeker, Flo and Boomer are on their first mission away from their distant planet of Floog to observe and experience our world – planet Earth! 
Dominique Moore voices Flo and Rasmus Hardiker voices Fleeker.  
The Floogals have their own unique way of looking at our world and their fresh perspective enlightens our own – often literally.  
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