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Happy Valentine's from Mr Swallow

Comedian and author Nick Mohammed brings his award winning character Mr Swallow, his prissy, self absorbed alter ego, from stage to screen tonight in a contemporary comedy mockumentary which sees Mr Swallow and his amateur theatre group stage their own version of Romeo & Juliet with Mr Swalllow playing Juliet of course.
It features the usual ensemble of hapless thespians including the wondeful Kieran Hodgson as the cheerfully earnest Jonathan, chipper while treated like a doormat.
There is a great supply of idiotically funny lines from Mr Swallow, whose self-centred, short-attention-span character is as compelling as always.  His limited horizons make him strangely endearing, despite being so clearly an irritating creation. 
Valentine’s Comedy Shorts will be available on demand to Sky customers from Wednesday February 8, before being broadcast in time for Valentine’s Day on Sky Arts.
Click here to watch it.
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