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KNIVES IN HENS at the Donmar Warehouse

'I have no name for the thing which is in my head. It is not envy. It is more than envy. It does not scare me. I must look close enough to discover what it is.'
A ploughman and his wife live a simple existence in a God fearing, pre-industrial time until they, along with the hated local miller, are drawn into a struggle of knowledge, power and attraction.
The 'superb' Judith Roddy plays a character known simply as Young Woman tethered like an animal to a village ploughman called Pony William, played by Christian Cooke
Although, like everyone else, she is taught to hate the local miller, the woman finds in him a source of emotional release that enables her to escape her husband and articulate her long-suppressed feelings. 
At Donmar Warehouse, London, from 17th August until 7th October. 
Box office: 020-3282 3808.
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