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Upstart Crow

Series 2 of Upstart Crow is now on screen featuring Spencer Jones as Kempe & Joycelyn Jee Esien as Lucy. Tune in to Ben Elton’s Shakespeare sitcom on BBC2 at 8:30 on the 18th September. Episode 2 sees Shakespeare, David Mitchell, nipping off to Stratford to put pen to paper and get some serious writing done. All does not go to plan as his petrifying old schoolteacher Simon Hunt invites himself to stay, bringing back painful classroom memories. But is Simon who he says he is?

Meanwhile, Marlowe and Greene are also up in Warwickshire hunting for a Roman Catholic spy…could Simon Hunt and the spy be one and the same? Shakespeare finds himself juggling his Mother, Catholic-hunters & a possible spy, all whilst trying to avoid being burnt at the stake for heresy & coming up with a play about any king called Henry!


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