Brand new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go, starring Rosamund Pike, Rasmus Hardiker, Cel Spellman, Doc Brown and Jennifer Saunders

Don’t miss new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go! The animated remake of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's cult Supermarionation series of the 1960s began in 2015, and is currently in its third series of 26 episodes, released in batches of eight or nine.

Set in the year 2060, Thunderbirds Are Go follows the exploits of the Tracy brothers: Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon, and Alan. Together, they form the front-line of International Rescue (IR), an organisation dedicated to saving people from disaster using technologically advanced crafts for land, sea, air and space rescue. The most important of these are five vehicles named the Thunderbirds, each piloted by one of the brothers.

The Tracys are aided by Head of Security Kayo Kyrano (also the pilot of Thunderbird Shadow, a stealth aircraft used for covert operations), engineer Brains, his robot assistant MAX, and their paternal Grandma. All of them reside on Tracy Island, their hidden base in the Southern Pacific Ocean from where they operate IR. The organisation also enlist English aristocrat Lady Penelope and her chauffeur Parker as their London field agents. Their primary mode of transportation is FAB 1, a limousine car fitted with gadgets and weaponry – as well as flying and underwater capabilities – for espionage missions.

IR's main adversary is the Hood, a criminal master of disguise who steals technology and seeks possession of the Thunderbirds. Secretly the uncle of Kayo, the Hood is responsible for the assumed death of the Tracy brothers' father, ex-astronaut and IR founder Jeff Tracy, after his ship crashed into the ocean. After the Hood is arrested and imprisoned by the Global Defence Force (GDF), IR face a new adversary called "the Mechanic", a mysterious and immensely threatening villain who uses highly advanced machinery to steal resources. Originally under the Hood's influence, the Mechanic breaks free of his control after breaking him out of prison, but is later arrested by the GDF himself. Meanwhile, the Hood renews his quest for global chaos with the aid of the Chaos Crew.

Thunderbirds Are Go airs Saturday's at 8am on CITV, starting on 18th May, starring Rosamund Pike as Lady Penelope, Rasmus Hardiker as Scott and Alan Tracy, Jennifer Saunders as Helen Shelby, Doc Brown as Jensen Hunt and Cel Spellman.