Edinburgh Festival 2019

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is almost upon us, and there's a whole heap of United Voices clients performing! 


Venue 61 – Underbelly, Cowgate - Iron Belly

 Aug 1st – 12th, 14th – 25th @ 4.10pm

Ticker follows twenty-something Spencer, a Geordie millennial who is deeply in love with the inestimable Gabi. But Spencer’s life is torn apart by Gabi’s untimely - and unexplained - death. How can he even begin to cope with finding himself suddenly a prime suspect and a chief mourner?

Themes of outsider grief and loneliness meet black-humour and frank dialogue, exploring male identity, toxic aggression, and how not talking about things can eventually lead to self-destruction.


Venue 33 – Pleasance Courtyard, Baby Grand

Jul 31st, Aug 1st – 12th, 14th – 25th @  4.30pm

It's 2019. Iconic Norwegian Eurodance duo Fjörd are back. And they're recording a live studio album…

In 2015, Fjörd released their chart-topping single, Forever Young Tonight Always. In 2016, they released their follow-up single, Always Young Forever Tonight, to chart-entering acclaim. Now, after a three year “sabbatical”, the legendary Scandinavian pop duo are back. And to celebrate, they're recording a new album… live.

CAM SPENCE - The Sunshine Clinic

Venue 33 – Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker 3

Jul 31st, Aug 1st – 11th, 13th – 25th @ 4.30pm

Cam Spence presents an explosive debut hour of idiosyncratic character comedy. Welcome to The Sunshine Clinic (rehab facility closest to the M4, 2009-2010), where Britain’s most patient patients are free to pay for some extremely untherapeutic group therapy.

Come on in to live, laugh, eat, pray, not kill yourself, laugh again and love... Cam! Don’t regret not catching this rising star before she dies of an anaphylactic shock!


Venue 33 – Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker 1

July 31st, August 1st – 17th, 19th – 26th @ 3.30pm

George Fouracres, Wolverhampton's fancy-pantsiest son, tells stories of a Black Country childhood, sings ancient ballads, becomes occasional grotesques and splatters his odd brain matter all over the stage in his debut stand-up hour. 


Venue 515 - Monkey Barrel, 4

August 2nd – 12th, 15th – 25th @ 4.30pm

Pearman just needs to check if the bag is a bit heavy before we can go. 

SPENCER JONES - The Things We Leave Behind

Venue 33 – Pleasance Courtyard, Beneath

July 31st, August 1st – 11th, 13th – 25th @ 5.45pm

The Things We Leave Behind is an absurd mash-up of comedy styles, mixing looped music, props, stand-up, turbo clowning and puppets for your eyes, ears and face.

The Spencer Jones 50 Minute Disco Experiment

Venue 515 – Monkey Barrel, 4

August 2nd – 4th, 7th – 11th, 14th – 18th, 21st – 25th @ 11.55pm

Spencer bought a new looper, but he can't beatbox. He also bought a drum kit, but he ain't no drummer. He should be in bed. But he's an idiot. This could be the worst idea he has ever had. But like all bad ideas, sometimes it's funny to watch them happen while getting drunk and dancing around like a nutter. This show will last fifty minutes and will be totally different every night. Hopefully there will be special guests jumping up and joining in making noise in various ways. It's something innit?


Venue 33 – Pleasance Courtyard, Beyond

French Exchange

August 14th, 18th & 22nd @ 6.30pm

The Tales of Kieran Hodgson: Part One. In 2003 a US-led coalition went to war with Iraq and Kieran Hodgson spent 10 days living with a very nice French family. Triple Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Kieran Hodgson returns to the Fringe with his smash-hit show from 2014, a sweet and hilarious coming-of-age tale about the unforgettable school trip where he truly learnt the meaning of croissants, which is crescents. It's the French one. 


August 15th, 19th & 23rd @ 6.30pm

The Tales of Kieran Hodgson: Part Two. Nominated for Best Show, Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2015. In 2003 Lance Armstrong won his fifth Tour de France title, and a young boy in West Yorkshire believed in him. Now a character comedian, he (the boy) returns to the Fringe with this heartfelt and hilarious 2015 story of growing up, betrayal by professional athletes and redemption. It's the cycling one. 


August 16th, 20th & 24th @ 6.30pm

The Tales of Kieran Hodgson: Part Three. In 2003 Kieran Hodgson heard the music of Gustav Mahler and decided to write a symphony. Sixteen years later he returns to the Fringe with this 2016 character comedy epic about falling in love and attempting something far beyond your abilities. Plus a violin. It's the classical music one.


August 17th, 21st & 26th @ 6.30pm

The Tales of Kieran Hodgson: Part Four. In June 1975 the United Kingdom voted to remain in the European Community. Since then, things have changed somewhat, and character comedian Kieran Hodgson wants to find out why. On a deeply personal quest for understanding, Kieran discovers that the 70s were about more than just Tiswas, the colour brown and the words 'let's go on strike again'. It’s the politics one.


Venue 156 - Banshee’s Labyrinth, CinemaAugust

3rd – 11th, 13th – 25th @ 10.10pm

 A friendship, a country, a beloved 90s pop group. Joe Sutherland returns to the Fringe looking back at things we once loved which have now gone sour.


Venue 33 – Pleasance Courtyard, Beyond

July 31st, August 1st – 10th @ 6.30pm

An hour of blistering stand-up in the company of Lucifer himself. With 8000 years experience in human affairs the Devil is ready to demonsplain what we mortals are doing wrong.


All Talk

Venue 300 – Underbelly, George Square
July 31st, August 1st – 11th, 13th – 25th @ 7.40pm
A memorable cocktail of personal stories, astute political observations and the odd surprise foray into character cameos.
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose – Big Yin
July 31st, August 1st – 11th, 13th – 18th, 20th – 24th, 26th @ 3.30pm Join
Join the crowd as Shakespeare’s classic is re-imagined as a chaotic, comic tale of democracy, backstabbing and front stabbing.
Venue 515 – Monkey Barrel, 1
August 14th @ 4pm
Following a whirlwind couple of years of awards, nominations and sold-out shows, on top of a run at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer nominee 2017 Lauren Pattison returns to the Edinburgh for a one-off performance of her 2018 show Peachy. Come see her deliver some new home truths with her wicked, warm and authentic brand of humour.
Venue 33 – Pleasance Courtyard, Beside
August 14th – 25th @ 11pm
Tim Key; From Peep Show, Partridge, Taskmaster and his own BAFTA nominated ‘Wonderdate’, brings new poems to Edinburgh.
Venue 15 – Traverse Theatre, 2
August 1st – 4th, 6th – 11th, 13th – 18th, 20th – 25th @ Various Times
After a critically acclaimed London run, the powerful Traverse Theatre hit about class, culture and appropriation returns with a new cast. Salisbury Crags. Twilight. A woman takes a step forward into the air. A teenage boy pulls her back. Two lives are changed forever. Frank, unflinching and threaded with unexpected humour, Mouthpiece takes a look at two different sides of Edinburgh that exist in ignorance of one another, and asks whether it’s possible to tell someone else’s story without exploiting them along the way.
Venue 515 - Monkey Barrel Comedy, 1 
August 14th - 24th @ 3pm
Rob Carter’s cult hit creation is back with a glossy revamp of his 2016 debut show. Christopher Bliss is Shropshire’s greatest drivel-merchant. He’s tackled novels, he’s conquered theatre, now he’s back to show you his most ambitious project: live cinema. This is an action-packed tale of wives, widows and everything in-between.