First Dates Hotel Series 4, narrated by Brian Protheroe

Are you ready? Are you ready for LOVE?! First Dates Hotel is back, and more romantic than ever.

Maitre-d Fred Sirieix and the team welcome more UK singletons from across the UK to the luxury love hotel, deep in the Italian countryside.

First to nab a poolside lounger is royal family-obsessed perfumer Perry, who's already turning heads in some natty gold trunks. He's on the scent for a man who can get the seal of approval from his beloved mum and dog Dolly. His match is 43-year-old art dealer Naveed, whose pre-date nerves could be his undoing. Single dad and builder Richard is trying to find someone he can resonate with on a spiritual level. Heartbroken after the breakup of his marriage, he's checked in hoping to restore his faith in love.

Finally, there’s also 26-year-old receptionist Robin who installs a ‘treat them mean and keep them keen’ gameplan with 6ft2 rugby player Michael.

First Dates Hotel Series 4 starts Thursday 5th September at 10pm on Channel 4, and continues at the same time every Thursday, and is narrated by Brian Protheroe.