FLIPPING PROFIT narrated by Miriam Margolyes

An antiques expert, a market trader and an upcycler battle it out to make the most money for BBC Children in Need.
In new series Flipping Profit, experienced money makers from three different disciplines are put into competition with each other. Each episode brings together an antiques expert, a wheeler-dealer trader and an inspiring upcycler who then have one day to compete for the best deals in town.
Rummaging through antique shops, scrap yards and flea markets they each hope to find those gems that will make them a huge profit. But it’s a race against time as they only have a few weeks before the deadline to sell their wares.At the end of it all, who will make the most flipping profit?
This 20 part series is narrated by Miriam Margolyes and on BBC 1 weekdays at 15.45.


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