Inseparable, starring Emilia Fox and Tom Glenister

From Audible Original comes a courageous and heart-rending true story following the lives of two inseparable twin brothers, Nick and Simon, in the 1990s. Bonded by brotherhood, they went on to battle heroin addiction together, frequently undermining each other’s desperate attempts to become drug-free. Featuring a full cast, this important drama reveals the devastating impact on their family and the gut-wrenching day when Nick would pay the ultimate price.

Growing up in the 1990s, twin brothers Nick and Simon are inseparable. They’ll do anything for each other. As Simon puts it, they are ‘one split in two’. But that bond turns into a curse when both become addicted to heroin, and frequently undermine each other’s desperate attempts to get clean. Over a number of years, the boys and their family are thrown into emotional and financial chaos – until the terrible day when Nick pays the ultimate price for his addiction.

Inseparable is available on Audible from March 9th 2020, and stars Tom Glenister as Simon and Emilia Fox as his mother, Elizabeth.