Pop Paper City

Produced by LoveLove Films, Pop Paper City is a vibrant 3D craft show with adventure, set in a place where dreams can become reality. The series focuses on a group of unique paper friends who live at Pop Paper City, the capital of the stunning and endlessly peculiar paper world.

In each 11 minute episode of the 52 episode series the characters in Pop Paper City find a new way to have fun together by creating new parts of their already impressive world, using craft to solve their challenges  and complete their adventures with the aid of Helping Hand,  a live action hand voiced by Nick Mohammed. These live action montages within the show inspire children to make their own paper creations, encouraging ‘doing as well as viewing’.

The series is distributed by Aaardman animations and starts airing on Channel 5 Milkshake! 9am weekends from the 12th of November. 

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB_8LgdVlk