RAIDS, narrated by Anthony Flanagan

RAIDS is an action-packed new series taking us to the frontline of Britain’s biggest crime busts. Featuring FOUR MAJOR DRAMATIC RAIDS in each episode, we’ll see first-hand how elite teams from across the UK bring criminals to book.

Showcasing unrivalled access to police forces, this series also highlights the work carried out by Trading Standards, Border Control and even utility companies. These gutsy officers are also armed with warrants and stab vests and are just as determined to bag their prey. Day in, day out, they’re knocking down doors and coming face to face with the criminals behind them.

RAIDS is a multi-access crime show packed full of high adrenaline crime busts; from hardcode finds like drugs, guns and illegal immigrants to counterfeit fags, bootleg booze, knock-off trainers and even stolen electricity.

Using the latest technology – infrared night vision, body cams and thermal imaging - we’ll be at the heart of the action like never before. From the tense, meticulous behind-the-scenes planning and intelligence-gathering, to the gripping make-or-break strike, we’ll be there all the way. These are the incredible moments when crafty crooks get up close and personal with the law in the ultimate showdown. Getting it wrong is not an option.

Although it’s a serious business, there are laughs along the way thanks to our carefully chosen cast of officers. There’ll be moments when a cheeky aside relieves the tension and reminds viewers these are people just like us but doing a tough and dangerous job under pressure. 

We’ll also revel in the astonishing finds our teams make during each raid. From seized drugs with staggering street values to caches of bootleg booze that could turn you blind or counterfeit clothing so fake it’s funny. We’ll give viewers 360 degree access to the operations and witness the satisfying destruction of these dodgy goods – from furnaces full of cannabis to bonfires of fake Louis Vuitton.

RAIDS takes Channel 5 viewers into the illicit world of hoodlums, fraudsters and career criminals in a fresh and original way. With the full gamut of the UK’s top law enforcers on board, audiences are in for a guaranteed hour of jam-packed action and drama.

RAIDS starts Wednesday 23rd October at 9pm on Channel 5, and is narrated by Anthony Flanagan