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Sadie Sparks, with Dominique Moore and Cory English

When Sadie acquires an ancient magician’s hat, she finds that it comes with a tenant: enter Gilbert, magical bunny and assistant to the most famous wizards throughout history!

But Sadie is a teenage girl and Gilbert is an old grouch. Love at first sight? It soon becomes clear to Gilbert that this magician-in-training is the real deal.

If only Sadie would concentrate on learning magic’s rules, instead of using it as a shortcut for all sorts of pointless teenage activities! He always has to go along with her crazy schemes… and occasionally even he will admit that he enjoys it!

Hey, if you’d been stuck in a hat for 700 years, you’d want to let loose a little too!

Sadie Sparks will premiere on Disney Channel UK on Saturday, 20th April, featuring Dominique Moore and Cory English.