Sour Hall, starring Lucy Fallon and Pearl Mackie

When George inherits her family farm it’s supposed to be a new start for her and her partner Ash, an escape from the chaotic pace of Manchester life and the traumatic incident that’s casting a shadow over their relationship.

George embraces country living and a burgeoning dairy business but a lonely Ash can’t settle – the farm is isolated and the villagers’ stares make clear their feelings about the inter-racial lesbian couple in their midst.

And then there is the strange banging coming from the milking shed which George won’t let her enter.... Ash is sure she can hear George whispering to someone or something inside....

A presence haunts the farm, one that feeds on fear itself, and it’s hungry. To survive, Ash and George must face past traumas and embrace the things that go bump in the night, or risk being destroyed by them.

Recorded in partial 360 degree sound on location in Yorkshire, this truly terrifying Audible Original stars Lucy Fallon as George and Pearl Mackie as Ash, and is available from Monday 25th January 2021 on Audible.