VE Day: The Lost Films, narrated by Emilia Fox.

The story of VE Day in 1945, told through the eyewitness accounts and cine films of ordinary people. Amateur film-makers recorded remarkable scenes, with some of it in glorious colour. Now, rarely seen footage, captured by amateurs and stored away for decades, charts the extraordinary events of May 8 when the entire nation took to the streets. Shots include events in the heart of the madness in central London, village life in Chapeltown on the outskirts of Sheffield and reaction in , Tyne and Wear.

High spirits and happiness radiate from the screen wonderfully as we watch kissing in Trafalgar Square, piggy-back races in Gateshead, a fancy-dress parade near Sheffield, a pipe band in Dumbarton, and in Kings Langley a hard-fought game between men, playing football, and women, playing netball.

VE Day: The Lost Films airs Saturday 2nd May 2020 at 8.30pm on Channel 5, narrated by Emilia Fox.