Work on the Wild Side, narrated by Greg James

Work on the Wild Side is a new twenty-part series which follows vets and volunteers who gave up their day jobs in the UK and moved to South Africa to rescue, rehabilitate and release some of the world’s most endangered animals.

Each hour-long programme transports us to South Africa, where we will see our vets and volunteers relocate giraffe, rescue a two week old hippo, become surrogate mums for orphaned monkeys, give mouth to mouth resuscitation to a cheetah and assist in the process of dehorning a rhino - all in a day’s work.

The series captures South Africa’s vibrancy and colour while shining a light on the critical conservation issues affecting these most vulnerable of species.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster as our wildlife heroes let us into their lives and talk about their passion to save animals in danger of extinction, from penguins and sharks in the Western Cape to the ‘Big Five’ in the Northern Plains.

Work on the Wild Side, on Channel 4, weekdays at 4pm starting Monday 18th May 2020 for four weeks, narrated by Greg James.